Note: Many of the links don't work because I haven't created the page yet.

Conlangs I've Finished

This is a conlang with 11 characters, each with 1 meaning.

horrable conlang real
This conlang is a jokelang designed to be unreasonable to use.

1 hour challenge
A conlang I made in an hour, that's even more broken than fotopi.

ddoǵi wodd
This conlang is based off toki pona, and made by applying sound changes. It is defined by sound changes.

Same as above, except Hindi instead of toki pona. It doesn't have a dictionary. Conlangs like ddoǵi wodd and hiñī are very easy to create, and can be made quickly.

Conlangs I've Abandoned Before Finishing

I have made many abandoned conlangs. I'm not going to put all of them here, but there's a few that I would like to mention.

In this conlang, every word is 1 syllable, and there are discriptors that can modify the whole sentence.

New Conlang
I never made a name for this conlang, but the idea is that it was like VötGil

BFB Conlang
I never made a name for this conlang, either. This is an idea I've had a lot, to make a conlang that is written with BFDI/BFB characters. This specific attempt used them as a logography/syllabary with all BFB characters, but I've also had the idea for an alphabet with only BFDI characters.
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